A few steps to make your room more comfortable

As a student in a new country, it is really important to feel comfortable. This begins with your room. Mostly, student accommodations are organised and furnished pretty much the same. I will give you some tips about how to make your room more comfortable.

1. Get inspiration
First of all, you should get inspiration and have an idea how you want your room to look like. Some nice apps to see different styles are Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram. Have a look at different interior designs and choose your matching style.

2. Plants
Another step to make your room more comfortable is buying some plants. It is a really cheap way but it makes such a big different in a room. If you are a busy person and wants to avoid having dying plants in your room, look for plants who do not need a high maintenance. Some of most commons are cacti, aloe vera or spider plants.

3. Lighting
An often forgotten, but really important fact to better up your room is a good lighting. If the overhead light you often see in student accommodations is not good enough, you can sort this with a new standing lamp or lampshade.

4. Rug, pillows and bed linen
What is better to lie in a comfortable bed after a long day of studies. Get you a few pillows and cool bed linen you like. Add a matching rug and you will start to love your new room!

5. Good smell
Giving your room a nice smell is also important, especially after a hole day in university rooms with the same smell. As student accommodations mostly forbid the use of candles because of the fire alarms, you better choose the solution with reed diffusers. You can find them in most of big supermarkets. Also essential oils are good way to give your room a nice smell.

Image courtesy of Martin Clancy

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