How to book a student residence


Firstly, select the city for which you are looking to book a student residence, and enter the dates you wish to book and press the ‘Search’ button. Alternatively, click on the city button on the home page or using the navigation menu.


Our website will then filter through thousands of student residence rooms and display the options that match your search. At this stage, you may wish to narrow the search further by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search’ button. This will allow you to filter residences further by price, facilities, room type, minimum stay etc. You can also sort the order the residences are displayed in by price or availability.


Browse through the range of residences and select an option that interests you. By clicking on the residence profile you will find information on the location of the residence (including a map), the facilities, images and videos. You can also find information on the room types that are available. From here, you simply select the room type you are interested in by clicking on ‘View Room’. Alternatively, if you wish to make a more general enquiry and to receive the assistance of one of our experienced and impartial advisors, all you have to do is click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. There is no obligation to book when you click this button, you will simply be informing us that you are interested in a residence(s) in a specified city for some specified dates. We will then be able to advise you on which options are available and which option(s) might suit you and why.


If you know the residence you wish to book and the room type you wish to book, instead of making a general enquiry you can apply to book that exact room. Click on the residence you are interested in, then the room type you would like to book. By using the calendar, you can then click on the date you wish to arrive and enter the number of weeks you would like to stay. Available room dates are displayed in green, while dates that are not available are displayed in red. Once you have selected a valid arrival date and entered the duration of your stay, details of your request including the weekly price of the room and the total amount payable will be displayed. If you are happy with the booking and payment information you will then either be given the option to ‘Book Now’, which will take you to a payment page so you can book and pay for the room immediately via credit card. Sometimes residences wish to approve applications before confirming bookings, in such cases, the option will display ‘Apply Now’ rather than ‘Book Now’.


If you have booked and paid for your room using the ‘Book Now’ button, you will shortly receive a confirmation email. This will clearly state the residence and room you have booked, and the dates you have booked for. It will also state the amount paid and act as a receipt of payment. If you have made an application using the ‘Apply Now’ button, you will receive a similar email confirming the details of your application. However, as payment has not been made yet, you will of course not receive a receipt of payment yet.


If you have made an application for a residence, your information will be passed to our booking team who will confirm the availability of your request with the management at the residence. Within 24 – 48 hours of your application, we will notify you via email whether your preferred residence is available and have accepted your application. If for some reason the residence are unable to accept your booking, we will send you a selection of alternative properties that we believe match your request, and advise you the pricing for each option and any other information we believe will be useful to you, such as travel time to your place of study.


As soon as your application has been accepted, we will make a request that the residence manager holds the room for you for 24 hours. We will then send you the invoice for the full period of your stay. We cannot confirm the booking until payment has been made in full (unless you are booking using our reservation deposit scheme). If you are not able to make payment right away, please keep in regular communication with our agency, so we can check if the residence is able to hold the room while you resolve the payment. If you choose to pay by international bank transfer, we will ask that you email us the proof of payment so that we can keep the room reserved for you while we wait for the funds to clear.


As soon as we receive payment, we officially confirm your residence booking with you by confirmation letter, which includes the residence address and contact details.


Enjoy London to its fullest!

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