Things to know before visiting London

No matter if you’re just visiting London or moving in, there are some advice that you need to know and should keep in mind! Here they are:

– The currency is the Pound (£).Think about having some money with you while visiting the city. The exchange rate is fluctuating a lot so don’t be surprised if the amounts paid on your bank account are not always consistent.

– Don’t forget about tipping 10-15% in restaurants, unless if it’s already added to your bill. You can use the same rate for taxis, even if most people give an average £1.

– The best way to travel in London is through Public transportation. Buying an Oyster Card that you can refill when needed is the best solution. There is no cash on buses!

– Don’t forget that cars drive on the left in the UK, so be sure to look to the correct side of the road when crossing the street! It is sometimes written on the road near zebra crossings.

– The emergency number is not 911 (US emergency number!) but 999.

– You thought your English was pretty good but actually you have some trouble to communicate with British people? There are some terms different from the American English that you need to know (non-exhaustive list):

Restrooms (US) = toilets/loo (UK)
Elevator = Lift
Trash = Bin
Pedestrian Crossing = Zebra crossing
Drugstore = Chemist
Gas = Petrol
Vacation = Holidays
Apartment = Flat
Cookie = Biscuit
French fries = Chips

– Think about bringing or buying an adaptor (3-pin outlet). And be sure to flip the switch on for the outlet to work.
– Life in London is pretty expensive so take advantage of the free museums, exhibitions and festivals.

Enjoy your stay in London!

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