Small guide to choose an accommodation in London

You’re moving in London for a short or long period and you don’t know what type of accommodation to choose, according to your budget?
Here’s a quick recap of the different solutions:

Budget: from £280 per week

✓ Great location – usually zone 1
✓ Hotels can offer great facilities, on-site restaurants, gyms and advice about the local area.
✓ Variety of choices and offer privacy


✗Hotels are expensive, expect to pay more than £100 per night
✗Other guests are usually on holiday or travelling through. If you are staying longer, it can be difficult to make friends.


Budget: from £140 per week to £350 per week

✓ Great location – usually zone 1
✓ Hostels offer cheap accommodation
✓ Hostels offer great way to make friends with other travellers

✗ Hostels are a budget accommodation option so home comforts are in short supply
✗ Hostel rooms can be busy and cramped
✗ If you are staying a long time, it can be difficult to make friends.


BED & BREAKFAST: Room and breakfast
Budget: about £100 per night

✓ Many are located in private homes and the personal service is usually good
✓ Some of them offer also an evening meal option

✗ Many B&B don’t have private WC or bath facilities
✗ Possible lack of privacy


Budget: from £250 to £450 per week.

✓ Great location – usually zone 1Denmark Hill Residence Accommodation - Classic En Suite
✓ Many of the rooms are en-suite and buildings are modern with on-site facilities
✓ A great way to make friends with other students

✗ Price – one of the most expensive accommodation options in London
✗ Rooms can be smaller than other accommodation options
✗ Availability is limited with many residences insisting on long contracts


Budget: from £160 to £600 per week.

✓ Freedom of living with other people doing similar things as you
✓ Can be a great way to make friends
✓ Housemates may be able to speak your native language

✗ Estate agents require a lot of information (such as credit checks) and deposits
✗ Bills not usually included, can make budgeting difficult
✗ Usually require a long contract of at least 6 months
✗ Living with a lot of people can be as stressful as it is fun


HOMESTAYS: live with a host
Budget: from £135 to £235 per week.

✓ Great value for money
✓ Bills are included so costs are clear
✓ Great way to improve your English
✓ Live with a local and gain their local knowledge
✓ Support from the host

✗ You are living as a guest so have to follow house rules. Not completely independent
✗ Hosts usually live in suburban areas so you will have to commute to central London
✗ Hosts are often families so this may not a good choice if you are coming to London to party


If you want to choose the option of Homestays or student Residences, don’t hesitate to contact us, London Homestays!

Enjoy your stay in London!

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