Samira explores Camden

There are many places to visit in London. But there is one place you must visit: Camden! It is colourful, crazy, impressive and funny.

If you want to avoid large groups of tourists, I would recommend going in the morning because it can get packed in the afternoon, especially at weekends. The streets can be crowded, just walking along them can be exhausting. From the tube station (Camden Town) you can walk towards Camden Market / Camden Lock, where you will find abundance of market stalls. The stalls are often repeated, so you can always find similar things. They sell fake brands of bags and clothes, t-shirts of famous and not so famous bands and artistic clothes. There are also plenty of tattoo and piercing studios.

Often many houses are painted or sprinkled. Some of the shops with the strange things on the front. You will find there walls with a big colourful owl or black and white covers. For example, in front of a shoe store, there is a big converse shoe or other stores have a yellow elephant on the wall. Moreover, you will see many colours like the hippie style.

Virtually everything is available at the Camden Market / Stables Market. There is an abundance of individual stalls for souvenirs, crafts or gifts. They sell homemade things like small colourful lamps or jewellery. At the entrance of the Stables Market is the ‘Cyberdog’. This is a crazy shop with lots of neon clothes. It is very interesting to look at the statues but otherwise it is not very special. There are also some vintage shops around Camden Market. The quality of the clothes is very good and if you rummage a bit you will also find branded clothes. It’s fun to go shopping because everywhere you can music like Hip-Hop, Reggae or Dancehall. In Camden, it is not necessarily to go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner. At the market there is an international kitchen where you can eat all day long. The best part being you get to try small snacks.

In Camden, you will find many bars and pubs for example the Roundhouse. It is also known for live bands. Camden Market is also a meeting point for young people. But even in the streets you can always find a lovely café or a bar.

Not far from the market is the Primrose Hill. This is a great place to relax, enjoy the sun, learn or meet friends. It is another meeting point for young people. If it’s good weather you have a great view of the whole city. Next to it, is the Regents Park and London Zoo, which are not far away. In the Regents Park Road (start at 118 Regents Park) are many nice cafes. It is cozy and quieter than being close to Camden Market.

What I like about Camden the most is the variety. It’s fun to walk through the streets because there is so much to see and sometimes you forget the time. Camden sometimes reminds me of Berlin (Germany) because there are a lot of street arts as well.

To sum it up, you should definitely go to Camden. Especially if you really want a feeling of why people love London so much I couldn’t have found a better place.

I would give Camden a score of 4 swiss cheese out 5. I really enjoyed it!



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