Samira explores Aldgate

When I came out of the underground station in Aldgate, I was impressed by the skyscrapers. Aldgate East is a multicultural area, with a very Asian feel about it. There are many shops from around the world including Turkish, Indians and Arabian within a short walk of the residence. I think (culturally you would experience a lot here) people of these nationalities would feel very comfortable here, with plenty of familiar products to buy and food to eat.

Click Here for the residence in Aldgate East!

If you are very interested in art you should visit the Whitechapel Gallery. If not, I would visit another gallery or museum. For example the Natural History or Victoria and Albert Museum.

Close to The Whitechapel Gallery, you will find the entrance to Brick Lane. Brick Lane was a slum area of London and the scene the Jack the Ripper murders. At the beginning, there are only restaurants or small shops, which I personally found strange because I expected a cleaner and more attractive area. That’s because I saw the skyscrapers and well-dressed people by the tube station.

Brick Lane Market has several cafes and bars, which also provides a popular meeting point. There is also a vintage market open from Thursday to Sunday. In the streets you will find many vintage shops for shopping. I liked it because you have to search a little bit for the reason that they offer so many clothes. At the Old Spitalfields Market, there is a food market but also shops. Boxpark is a construction of shipping containers in which shops are located. The boxes look very cool, so I would go see them but sometimes they have high prices. From Brick Lane Market you will see a number of beautiful street art.

In Aldgate there is the Famous Coffee Shop with a large selection of coffee but also in the Cereal Killer Café which you should definitely try for breakfast. They offer a large selection of cereals I have ever seen everything from unicorn cereals to cornflakes. Maybe the most popular food shop in the area is the Bagel Bakery, it is open 24/7 and is very busy. You should definitely try a bagel. If you’re a cat lover and you’d like to enjoy coffee and cake in a different way, then you must go in Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Important to note: This is a very popular location therefore it is essential to reserve a table online because it is often fully booked for the next 2 weeks. In my opinion, it’s so cute because it was such an unusual sight to see cats just relaxing in the window of a café.

Just a short walk from Aldgate is the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The view of the River Thames and London is amazing but also very busy. I really liked it there because you can walk along the Thames or take a boat trip.

In summary, I liked the area but only from the Brick Lane market towards Shoreditch / Commercial Street. But because of the coffee shops and vintage shops. If you are in London I would definitely recommend visiting the area. I would give Aldgate a score of 3 out of 5.


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