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The Black Lion

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One of the biggest draws of Bayswater is that it’s a miniature version of London. This is reflected in its diversity, a melting pot of many different nationalities and ethnicities.

The many strong cultural influences in the area creates a truly cosmopolitan feel, with a wide range of restaurants serving different cuisines for a price much cheaper compared to high-end eateries, but the food is just as good.


Travel information

Bayswater is well served by public transport. It is served by three London Underground stations in the Travelcard Zone 1: Bayswater, Queensway and Lancaster Gate. These stations can take you to places such as Liverpool Street, Wimbledon and Shepherd’s Bush.

There is also a good local bus network, with the 94 heading into central London regularly, while the number 70 goes to nearby West-London area Chiswick.



When the Domesday Book was compiled in the late 1000’s, the land that is now Bayswater belonged the Abbey of Westminster. The most significant tenant under the abbey was Bainiardus, the same Norman associate of William the Consqueror who gave his name to Baynard’s Castle.

In 1380, Bayswater was Bayard’s Water Place. The water was provided by the stream which later became known as the Westbourne. A bayard was a bay (chestnut) horse. The hamlet was intermediately known as Bayswatering, while the Bayswater name was first recorded in 1659, when just a few horses stood in the area.

In the 1800’s, speculative builders began buying up land, a movement led by the Bond Street printmaker Edward Orme. Villas with gardens were favoured initially but tree-lined, terraced avenues, squares and crescents which rapidly expanded the district. By the time Bayswater station opened in 1868, Bayswater had the reputation of being a splendid new town.

In the 1960s, a number of new hotels started being built, whilst older hotels were turned into flats. An open-air art market began on Bayswater Road around this time too and to this day you will see over 150 artists displaying their work every Sunday.

Local attractions

Bayswater is a great place to be as it has a number of great things to do! From Ice skating to going to a spa to relax, you will never be bored!

Bayswater Open Air Artists Exhibition


If you’re a massive fan of art and would love to see the largest open air artists’ exhibition in the world, then every Sunday on Bayswater Road is where you need to be! For over a mile, artists hang their wonderful creations from the railings of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park for you to buy!

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Queens Ice and Bowl

Queens Ice Bowl

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If you would like to go ice skating, bowling or both, then you have to go to Queens Ice and Bowl. The only dual ice rink and bowling venue in the whole of London! It is loads of fun!

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Whiteleys Shopping Centre

Whiteleys Shopping Centre

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Whiteleys Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in London, it takes up one whole block of Queensway! It was originally built as London’s first department shop in 1911. But today it is packed with shops, eateries and a cinema! However, you can still see the original La Scala staircase, Centaur’s Fountain and glass domed atrium inside.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

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Separated from Hyde Park by the Serpentine, Kensington Gardens is calmer and much more peaceful than its neighbouring par, and features many attractions including a statue of Peter Pan, Albert Memorial, and the Serpentine Art Gallery.

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Paddington residence accommodation - ExternalPaddington Residence – Click Here

This stylish budget residence is nestled in the shadow of London Paddington Station, close to a wide range of popular bars, restaurants and cafes. Within walking distance, you will find London Paddington, Royal Oak, Queensway and Bayswater stations (all Zone 1) as well as regular bus routes providing great access to all of central London and beyond. The accommodation is a cross between a student residence and a high-end hostel and was completely refurbished in late 2018 through 2019. This means that it is able to offer simple stylish living, in one of London’s most expensive areas at an affordable price.


Hyde Park residence accommodation - ExternalHyde Park Residence – Click Here

This large Georgian townhouse offers accommodation to 89 guests. The accommodation is a cross between a student residence and a high-end hostel with the rooms divided into a combination of single, twin and multi-bedded rooms. Facilities within the residence include a large dining area, a TV room, an onsite laundry, vending machines and 24-hour security including CCTV. The area stands alongside Hyde Park Gardens as one of the two grandest of the 19th-century housing schemes lining the northern side of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and is famous for its elegant Georgian architecture. The residence itself is located overlooking Kensington Gardens.


Bayswater Residence Accommodation - ExternalBayswater Residence – Click Here

This residence is set in Bayswater which is a bustling cosmopolitan area of West London. It is home to Whiteleys (which happens to be London’s first department store), many restaurants (particularly of Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisine), café’s, pubs and a few high-street retail chains. Located in a classic London townhouse, this residence comes with a communal area which is a great place to catch up on your daytime/evening television or a study room in order to get a change of scenery from doing assignments or revision in your bedroom. You can enjoy super-speedy Wi-Fi on seven devices (should you be lucky enough to own seven), throughout the whole residence.


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