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Pimlico Overview

Pimlico - White Ferry House (1)

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Pimlico is a small but wonderful district in Central London. It is a fairly well off and extremely well-located neighbourhood which is host to forty thousand people. Pimlico is a very calm and safe residential area despite being in central London. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to relax whilst not leaving you with any long journeys to your studies/internships.


Travel information

As Pimlico is in the centre of London, there are huge range of transport options open to you. From National Rail and Underground stations to Buses and Santander Cycles. The 2 Underground stations that serve the area are Pimlico (Victoria Line) and Victoria Station (Victoria, District and Circle Lines) and these stations can take you to locations such as Brixton, Wimbledon and Paddington. Victoria is also served by a National Rail station so if you wish to take a trip outside of London, Victoria Station is the place to go.

Pimlico is also served by a number of buses, including the bus route numbers 24, 360 and the C10. Which takes you to places such as Trafalgar Square, London College of Communication and Lower Marsh. And if you fancy getting some exercise whilst you travel where you need to be, you can always hire one of the public bicycles (that are a part of the Santander Cycles Scheme) which are available in the area!



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While the origins of the name Pimlico are disputed, it is “clearly of foreign derivation…. Gifford, in a note in his edition of Ben Jonson, tells us that ‘Pimlico is sometimes spoken of as a person, and may not improbably have been the master of a house once famous for ale of a particular description.” Supporting this etymology, Rev. Brewer describes the area as “a district of public gardens much frequented on holidays. According to tradition, it apparently received its name from Ben Pimlico, famous for his nut-brown ale. His tea-gardens, however, were near Hoxton, and the road to them was termed Pimlico Path, so that what is now called Pimlico was so named from the popularity of the Hoxton resort”.

There have been a number of notable people who are from/have lived in Pimlico throughout the years. Some of these people include:

• James Lennox Kerr
• Steve Hackett
• Gianluca Vialli
• Rhys Ifans
• Aubrey Beardsley

Local attractions

From farmers markets at Orange Square to musical performances at Victoria Apollo Theatre, Pimlico offers a wide range of things to do so that you’ll never be bored!

Victoria Apollo Theatre

apollo victoria theatre

Image courtesy of Dr Neil Clifton

Victoria Apollo is one of the top performance venues in the West End of London. It is home to everything from concerts to major musical productions. The theatre originally opened in 1930 as a cinema and remained that until it was converted into a performance hall in the late-1970s. So if you’re interested in seeing some amazing shows, Victoria Apollo Theatre is the place to be!

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Westminster Boating Base

boating base

Image courtesy of Thomas Nugent

If you are interested in learning how to sail small craft as well as powerboats, kayaks and canoes, then this Pimlico charity is the place to go to!

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Orange Square


Image courtesy of Danny Robinson

Orange Square is on the far west of Pimlico and is the centre of commercial activity and offers a lot of interesting sites from the square gardens to the status of Mozart who used to live nearby the square on Ebury Street. Whether you’re just looking to for a bit of relaxation whilst you feed the birds or get your bearings before setting off to another part of the district, this is a great place to start. Orange Square is also host to a farmers’ market which takes place every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, offering any number of fruits, vegetables, meat!

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Westminster Abbey

westminster abbey

Image courtesy of Christine Matthews

Right next door to Pimlico, you will find Westminster Abbey. This stunning gothic abbey is one of London’s most treasured attractions, especially since royal weddings of recent years which have taken place there. Take your camera and join the thousands of tourists who flock here daily!

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Pimlico Residence – Click Here

Located in a beautiful residence which could be mistaken for a mini-White House, this residence comes with everything you need for convenience and affordability in this central London hostel styled residence. It neighbours the Royal Family with Buckingham Palace just a few minutes away from the residence – so keep your eye out, as you never know who may run in to!



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