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19th Juin, 2018

An itinerary in London: from Notting Hill to Kensington via Portobello Market

Because they are so many things to see in London, here’s a little itinerary so as…

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19th Juin, 2018

Some famous stereotypes about British people: True or False?

When moving to another country, we always have some fears and preconceptions about the foreign cultures.…

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19th Juin, 2018

How to make friends in London

You just arrived in London and you don’t know anyone? Or you have lived here for…

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13th Fév, 2017

La St Valentin à Londres.

Salut à tous, je suis Coriolan, stagiaire chez London Homestays depuis peu. Demain, le 14 février,…

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27th Jan, 2017

Le nouvel An chinois

Salut à tous je vais commencer par me présenter, je suis Kieran O’Neill, stagiaire depuis peu…

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27th Mai, 2016

List of things to do in London!

Hello everyone! I am Romane, a Marketing intern at London Homestays and I will today tell…

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18th Mai, 2016

Things to do this weekend!

Struggling to find something to do this weekend? With this spring weather I do not know…

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11th Mar, 2016

London Flower Markets

Flower markets in London are some of the most enchanting places in the city. There are…

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4th Mar, 2016

Molly Bakes Cafe

Sometimes you cannot help but just crave some junk food, right? Well I think you need…

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