How to make friends in London

You just arrived in London and you don’t know anyone? Or you have lived here for some time now but you want to meet new people? Here some ways to do it!

1- Join a class of whatever interests you: gym, cooking, painting, English speaking… You can use websites such as How To Academy or Hot courses.

2- Volunteer to meet people but also to help the local community. You can check on Volunteering Matters to get some ideas.

3- Use some sites dedicated to social life, like Citysocializer where you can choose your social events and there meet new friends, or Meetup where you can find different activities or passions and meet people who also use Meetup around you.

4- If you are fascinated by art or museum, you could take museum or theatre memberships, which are usually at low prices and that will allow you to meet fellow theatre or history lovers.

5- And finally the most obvious one: it’s not by staying in front of the TV that you’re going to meet people! So go enjoy a cinema, have a drink at a pub, eat at a restaurant…

Good luck!

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Hot courses
Volunteering Matters
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