Some famous stereotypes about British people: True or False?

When moving to another country, we always have some fears and preconceptions about the foreign cultures. So for you to be more relaxed about your moving in England, here are some stereotypes about British people. But wait, are all of them false?

The British have never seen the sun: not completely true. If the weather is actually bad most of the time, between a cold rain and a freezing cloudy day you will be able to see some sunshine, mostly during summer.

The British are always very polite: true. British are polite and proud about it, which makes them pretty nice to everyone. Be prepared to say “sorry”, “please” and “thank you” more often than usual.

British people love to drink tea: OK this one is completely true. They actually prefer a good cup of tea over coffee. So the sooner you learn what “put the kettle on” means the better.

The British frequently wear hats: false, not since the 60s.

British people eat terrible food: not completely false. Besides the famous fish and chips that they British actually almost never eat, their food is not considered as tasty. But thanks to the globalization, you will always find something you know and like, thus you’re not doomed to starve for your whole stay.

British people like queuing: kind of true. And they don’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t like to do the same. So learn the rule “first in time, first in line” if you want to fit in.

The British are obsessed with their Royal family: it depends. Many of them are proud of the Royals, others don’t really care. But they all seem to agree about how much elegant their Princess Kate is.

The British know how to party: completely true. Just go to a random bar on a Saturday and you will understand.

Ready to enjoy your stay among the British?

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