How to book a student residence


Firstly select the student residence you would like to live in (if you are flexible, you can choose multiple options) and then complete the residence application form. Before booking, please check the residence is available for the length of time you wish to stay i.e. don’t book a year round residence offering 42 week contracts if you only want to stay for a few weeks. Please also ensure the residence you are booking is within your budget.


One of our team will receive your submission within minutes and will being the process of checking availability with your preferred residence(s). If the residence you want to book is not available, you will be offered a close alternative.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Alternatively, for more general information about residence bookings, please check our student residence FAQs page.


Within 24 – 48 hours of your application, we will notify you via email whether your preferred residence(s) are available. If not, then we will send a selection of residences that we believe match your request, and advise you the pricing for each option and any other information we believe will be useful to you, such as travel time to your place of study.

Please note: If your arrival date is very soon, we may offer just one residence option that matches your request and we know is available. This is to simplify the process so we can make the arrangements as quickly as possible.


You review the options and notify us which of the residences you are interested in, in order of priority. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding any of the options.


We send you the invoice for the full period of your stay. We cannot confirm the booking until payment has been made in full (unless you are booking using our reservation deposit scheme). If you are not able to make payment right away, please keep in regular communication with our agency, so we can check if the residence is able to hold the room while you resolve the payment.


As soon as we receive payment, we officially confirm your residence booking with you by confirmation letter, which includes the residence address and contact details.


Enjoy London to its fullest!

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