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Aldgate is a wonderful place for everyone! From history to shopping, if you spend some time here you will surely be satisfied with what Aldgate has to offer. There are also a handful of parks nearby if you feel like escaping the craziness that is city life.


Travel information

The nearest London Underground station is Aldgate on the Circle and Metropolitan lines which will take you to many notable places in London, including Westminster, Notting Hill and Camden. Nearby mainline railway stations are located at Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street, and Tower Gateway is the closest Docklands Light Railway station. You will find plenty of buses that serve the area during the day and in the evening. Some of these bus routes include numbers 67, 115 and 254 which can take you to Shoreditch, Limehouse and Whitechapel.


Peasant Revolt

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Aldgate has an important place in London’s medieval history. It was situated near the eastern part of the original Roman Wall, and during this time it led to the town of Colchester in Essex.

There are various theories about where the name Aldgate came from. The earliest record of Aldgate has it listed as East Gate, which correlates with its location near the Roman Wall in the medieval period. Another interpretation of its current name is “Ale Gate”, which indicates that an ale-house might have been close.” It may also have derived from “All Gate”, which may have pointed to the area’s openness to all. However most scholars seem to agree that the most likely meaning of “Aldgate,” however, is “Old Gate,” which gives us an indication of Aldgate High Street’s antiquity, and its long history dating back to Roman times.

Throughout most of the area’s recorded history 13th–17th century, it was used for defensive functions and was only ever breached on two occasions. The first occurred during the Peasants Rebellion in the summer of 1381 when thousands of insurgents from the surrounding area, assisted by sympathisers entered the City through Aldgate. The second time a breach happened was in the summer of 1471 when troops led by Thomas Fauconberg forced open the gate. The gate was finally removed in 1761 but was temporarily re-erected at Bethnal Green.

Today Aldgate is city life epitomised, buzzing streets with so many things to do.

Local attractions

Aldgate is filled with so many things to do! The area is steeped in history with plenty of museums to go to and tours to go on. There are also loads of shops for the shopaholics and restaurants for those feeling peckish.

Jack the Ripper tour


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This tour is known as London’s original horror tour. You get to immerse yourself in the darker side of London’s history with its most notorious serial killer. It begins just outside Aldgate East Tube station and ventures down London’s claustrophobic alleyways, detailing where many of Jack the Ripper’s crimes took place.

Jack the Ripper tour

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market

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A tradition flea-market which is a short walk from Aldgate East tube station. The Brick Lane area is home to some of London’s most visited Indian and other Asian eateries.

The market opens from 9am to 5pm on a Sunday, however the surrounding shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants are open 7 days a week.

Visit Brick Lane

Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery

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Originally called the East End Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery became one of the first publicly funded galleries in London. This gallery has premiered world-class artists throughout its history and is filled with beautiful galleries, exhibitions artist commissions, collection displays, historic archives, education resources and inspiring art courses.

The Gallery is a touchstone for contemporary art internationally, plays a central role in London’s cultural landscape and is pivotal to the continued growth of the world’s most vibrant contemporary art quarter.

Whitechapel Gallery

Tower of London

Tower of London

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Since 1078 the Tower of London has stood on the banks of the River Thames. It was built by William the Conqueror mainly to protect Norman rue in the years after the conquest. It was also used as a prison, and a place of execution for figures deemed important by the crown. Some of these people include, Anne Boleyn – Queen of England, Thomas Cromwell – 1st Earl of Essex and Lady Jane Grey. In 1988 it became a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Tower of London


aldgate-residence-externalAldgate Residence (The Curve) – Click Here

Just a couple of minutes walk from Aldgate East Underground Station in Zone 1, you have London on your doorstep. You will be just to the east of ‘The City’, London’s famous financial district, moments away from Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market and a plethora of art galleries, restaurants and independent boutique shops. One of the most fun and sociable student residences, this is the ideal place to spend your time in London if you wish to meet and make friends with students from all over the world. There is Wi-Fi throughout the building, communal areas and a dedicated on-site management team to help settle you in and to keep you safe.


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