10 things you should do in London

Hi everyone! My name is Lucille, I’m 18 years old and I’m here for 2 months as an intern in London Homestays. Here are 10 things I absolutely want to do before the end of my stay.


  • See the changing of the guards of Buckingham Palace

Every day at 10 am, there is the changing of the guards between the new and the old guard of the queen. Guards are dressed with their traditional costumes, some are on foot and others are on their horses, accompanied with a fanfare. It is something that we must see in our life, and with a little bit of luck maybe we will can see the Queen, who knows?

Furthermore, there is the St James’s Park next to the palace. You will be able to walk next to geese, ducks, swans but especially next to a lot of squirrels who are not afraid to come with you to eat something. Here is a picture that I’ve taken last weekend.


  • See a musical comedy

When we’re walking in London’s streets, we see a lot of stores that offer tickets for musical comedies or theatres. I would really like to see one even if I don’t understand everything, I am sure that I will leave very impressed!


  • Piccadilly Circus

In this area, we can find big billboards with a lot of lights, it is like in Times Square in NYC. We can also find big stores like the famous M&M’s which is the biggest candy’s shop in London, or Lego. The things that I find the most pleasurable are the street performances. Here is a picture where we can see 3 floors of the M&M’s store.


  • Oxford Street

This is the most famous shopping street of Europe and you will find everything you need. You mustn’t forget to go to Primark or to other unmissable stores.


  • Abbey Road

To do justice to my poster in my room, I would like to visit the studios of the mythic group of the Beatles. We can observe a lot of messages left by fans on the walls around the studios. Before you leave, don’t forget to reproduce the cover of the famous album on the crosswalk!


  • Camden Town

This area is so extraordinary, we have the impression of not being in the same world! The fronts of stores are so amazing and wonderful. At the centre of Camden there is a place with a lot of food stands from the entire world. Camden is very pleasant to share a drink with friends.

Don’t forget to go to Cyberdog, you will find a lot of futuristic articles, with music and dancers of the shop. Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed.


  • Harry Potter Studios

If you’re a big fan of the saga, don’t miss the visit of Harry Potter’s studios. Bury yourself in the Poudlard’s universe and discover a lot of secrets regarding the filming. You will be able to visit famous places like Dumbledore’s office, the big hall or Hagrid’s hut…


  • The British Museum

    It is one of the most important museums in the world, where you will find a lot of unusual, famous and rare works from the prehistoric to the modern era. The best part? It’s free!


  • Climb to the top of the Tower Bridge

The footbridge is pedestrian. At the top, thanks to the glass on the floor, you will be able to see all London and the Thames and also the mechanism of the bridge which raise up to leave boats pass.


  • Go on a cruise on the Thames

Finally, I would love to enjoy the view of the London monuments aboard a boat, to see them from a new perspective.


I have no doubt that I will do all of these things during my stay! Enjoy your day!

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